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Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

New advancements in innovative diagnostic devices and telecommunication technology have made it possible to utilize telemedicine as a platform to improve access to quality healthcare.

The purpose of telemedicine is to send health information over a distance using modern communication technologies and serves to enhance health care access, quality and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare delivery has been transformed by advances in telemedicine which is now recognized as an essential enabler to support health systems across the world.

Doctors can now connect with their patients from their desktop or mobile device from their clinic or home.

Telemedicine is supported in order to save lives also in rural areas where there is no easy access to medical services.

There are many advantages of telemedicine:

  • Access to healthcare 24 hours a day no matter where you are (internet connection is necessary)
  • Doctors attracts new patients who can connect with them from the comfort of their homes or on their own time
  • Sharing of information among practitioners located in different areas
  • Thanks to the prevention screening chronic diseases complications are picked earlier allowing for timeous interventions
  • It cut costs of unnecessary hospitalizations and GPs visit thereby preserving the fund for vulnerable population

Telemedicine made easy and accessible with Nexy

Nexy is not only a fundus camera, but it also offers a telemedicine service which transmits digital retina images to a server in a secure way.

One fundamental issue in the adoption of telemedicine is the confidentiality and protection of patient’s data.

In our case patient’s data are encrypted on client side, this means that personal data are crypted on the tablet, before their sending to the server.

They will be read from the remote ophthalmologist who has the key for the decryption.

But this doctor can see only retina images and some data useful for the evaluation (not sensitive data).

The evaluation will be sent back where nexy is located.

This makes nexy a reliable telemedicine-friendly device.

Let’s embrace technology today and gain a healthier tomorrow!


Nexy telemedicine specifications:

  • Cloud-based secure
  • Data encryption by client-side
  • Automatic database backup
  • Data consultation from front-end web
  • Multilevel account
  • Access by personal user

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