Nexy - E-medicine Solution for Optical Shops or Pharmacies

Nexy is an innovative telemedicine-friendly service for retinal screening which provides high-quality images which can be reviewed in remote locations.

Nexy is a first step in the new world of telemedicine, where patients can experience better in medical care, no matter where they live.


  • Robotic movements: auto alignment, auto focus and auto capture. Just press Start and Nexy does the rest
  • Automatic capture of high-quality images for detailed screening and evaluation with minimal personal training
  • Pleasant aesthetic, small footprint and ergonomic design
  • Modern gesture interaction: the intuitive interface facilitates a quick start and navigation
  • Data consultation from a local PC (in .DCM format as well as .jpg/.png format) or from an intranet PC
  • Data consultation from Next Sight home page thanks to a personal and secure account
  • Teamviewer application for remote assistance


  • Greater competitiveness: even smaller stores that normally are not able to employ on-site doctors will offer their customers higher quality and fast eye exam
  • Professionalism: stores that offer on-site exams will be more respected and valued by customers and potential customers 
  • Improved customer journey: the availability of in-store, self-administered vision exams will
    speed the flow of patients through the store and reduce waiting times


The purpose of telemedicine is to send health information over a distance using modern communication technologies and serves to enhance health care access, quality and patient satisfaction.

Nexy is a smart telemedicine service that transmits captured digital images to the cloud in a secure way.

An ophthalmologist can view retinal images and evaluate them remotely.

The evaluation report is then sent back to Nexy’s tablet.

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