Prevention on site: Nexy is in Benin

Soleil d'Afrique is a no-profit organization founded by Danilo Tonin, a lay missionary which created the “Soleil d’Afrique, Italian mobile hospital”.

It is a travelling hospital consisting of some trucks with a clinic, a pharmacy and well-equipped operating rooms.

This feature allows Italian specialists to reach the poorest African villages in order to assist that part of the population that otherwise could not receive any assistance.

One of the vehicles is equipped with an ophthalmic operating theater.

In Benin, eye diseases are a widespread problem, therefore prevention and treatment are fundamental.

One of our Nexy is found right on a truck that will travel until November 2019 among the Benin villages.

The small footprint, the ease of transport and the speed with which one learns to use the device, make it an ideal tool for the capture and screening of the retina.

Retinal images are captured in less than a minute, the ophtahlmologist on site will check immediately if there are any diseases and prescribe the most suitable treatment. 

Nexy is a delegation tool: it supports practitioners in their exams; thanks to its fully automated operations it requires minimal operator training, it is easy to learn, to consult and to operate.