Paola Griggio Nextsight


Nextsight CEO


Happiness is man’s ultimate goal and according to ancient philosophy, health and physical well-being are the main contributors to happiness.

Centuries since the formation of those philosophies, we have a scenery before us in which science and technology will allow our community to significantly reduce the negative effects of passing time.

Robots and artificial intelligence will give our children a kind of eternal youth.

With a little luck, this could also happen for my son Matteo, born in 2012, the year of conception of Next Sight.

The Next Sight itinerary takes place within this vision and its mission is to improve health and quality of life through innovative devices and advanced technology solutions.

No advancement is achieved without facing great sacrifices, whether these are aimed at the well-being of one’s own children or of the community in which one works.

Throughout its history, Next Sight has flourished from contribution of brilliant and enlightened personalities who have found themselves in harmony with this vision and these ideals.

Next Sight is made up of people with solid skills willing to make their resources, talents, and abilities available to design and implement increasingly high-performance devices, to build them with care and quality, to disseminate them to users all over the world.

We have not arrived here easily, but the best part of the journey is still in front of us and we work proudly to be able to participate in the design of that extraordinary future.