Publication - Eye Doctor - March-April 2019

Publication - Eye Doctor - March-April 2019

Nexy and the A.I. software EyeArt - Authors: F. Bandello, L. Buratto, V. Sala

First National Campaign for prevention and diagnosis of maculopathy and diabetic retinopathy

The first National Campaign for prevention and diagnosis of maculopathy and diabetic retinopathy has been performed from 4th to 28th February 2019 in Italy.
The aim of this campaign was to inform the citizens about diabetic retinopathy and connected risks.
DR and diabetic maculopathy represent the most frequent microvascular alterations in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM).

More than 2.000 screening have been performed on the entire Italian territory.
According to World Health Organization (WHO) diabetic retinopathy is one of the causes of blindness in the developed countries and it is still increasing.
This pathologic condition is highly invalidating, and symptoms occur too late, when damages are in an advanced stage and there are reduced possibilities of treat.

Thanks to the fundus camera 2 retina images per eye have been taken (one central and one of the optic nerves), then these images have been analyzed from an A.I. software.

The images obtained with these instruments allowed to detect the microvascular alterations in the retina caused by diabetes.

Artificial Intelligence

The program used during this campaign was EyeArt which uses a cutting-edge technology to read, interpret and evaluate the retina images of diabetic patients.

This technology is implemented by Eyenuk Inc. from Los Angeles.
Researchers have used Eye-Art software to take retina images on diabetic patients.

The obtained results were compared to the evaluation from retina specialists in order to evaluate the diagnostics efficacy. Eye-Art software correctly detected DR in the 80,4% of cases.

The purpose of Eyenuk is to give an economic advantage for the screening of DR which can be applied on a in a context of basic health care.


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